Pianist Anjelika Akbar composing music for Aivazovsky’s İstanbul

Classical pianist-composer Anjelika Akbar is currently working on a project that bridges music and art, writing and performing music over paintings by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, the 19th-century Russian painter known for his realistic depictions of the sea and scenes from life in Ottoman-era İstanbul.

A joint effort between Turkey's Boyut Publications and the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana, the project will digitize a selection of İstanbul paintings by Aivazovsky and will then animate those pictures and add ambient sounds to accompany the scenes.

In a recent interview with Today's Zaman, Akbar, who is also part of the team overseeing the project, spoke about Aivazovsky, the details of the project and how she combines music with the 19th-century artist's work.

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